Affordable Warmth Dividend extended to all Glaswegians over 80

The successful Affordable Warmth Dividend has now been extended to all Glasgow citizens over the age of 80. The apllication period has also been extended from the end of February to all pensioners who are 80 or over by the end of March.

Payments are not restricted to one per household. If there are two qualifying pensioners in a household, both are entitled to apply. Payment can also be made to pensioners living in residential care or in hospital.

If you, or anyone you know, thinks that they might be entitled to a payment please do not hesitate to make an application.

Malcolm Cunning, Labour candidate in Linn ward, said; “This is great news for some of Glasgow’s most vulnerable citizens.

“Too many Glaswegians struggle to heat their homes adequately. No one should have to choose between warmth and other basics. This is another great example of Labour led Glasgow offering practical help to those most in need”

Don’t delay, make your application now.

Full details of how to claim the payments are available on the Glasgow City Council website here. Application forms can also be downloaded if you click here.

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